Serving Westchester & Putnam Counties

Why Fluchere Appraisal Service?


After graduation from Kenyon College, I joined the US Air Force for 10 years as a Navigator. I chartered the course to safely direct my crew and plane to many unusual destinations.


I was privileged to watch the world pass from the big windows of the Hercules. Government forms were filled out, in pencil! Sometimes, I took pictures. It would seem that what is studied in school, and experienced in the military, can have a direct link with the course of one's life.

I took pictures, made diagrams, read maps and filled out government forms. As an appraiser for 30 years, I still do.

It seems as if my life now is about constant motion. Driving 35,000 miles a year in the Hudson Valley makes me an "expert" on all that is happening along the road and many neighborhoods. My business takes me to many different kinds of properties. I enjoy the time spent talking with so many people.






From a line across a map, to a line under a number ($) the estimate of value of property is our destination.